Welcome on the webpage of the 19th MET Conference!

On behalf of the current MET organizing committee, we would like to invite all the young and experienced researchers to introduce their freshest findings on this year’s MET Conference either on poster or as an oral presentation. The aim of the conference is not only to review the scientific results of the previous year, but also to facilitate the collaboration between different areas of behavioural research. When creating the program and choosing invited speakers, we tried to enumerate the diversity of Hungarian ethology and the need to preserve this variability.
Considering the high number of foreign students contributing to Hungarian behavioural research, this year we would like to give them a chance to be able to introduce their work conducted in Hungary.

Dr. Péter Pongrácz (President of MET)
Judit Abdai, Emese Fazekas, Fanni Lehoczki, Boglárka Morvai, Andrea Temesi
Department of Ethology, Eötvös Loránd University